Sister Cities of Delray Beach promotes friendship and understanding between the citizens of Delray Beach, Florida and our Sister Cities in Miyazu (Japan), Moshi (Tanzania), Pesaro (Italy), and Aquin (Haiti) by encouraging cultural, youth, athletic and economic exchanges.

WHAT IS A SISTER CITY? – A Sister City relationship is a broad based, officially approved, long-term partnership between two communities in two countries. Sister City partnerships have the potential to carry out the widest possible diversity of activities of any international program, including every type of municipal, business, professional, educational and cultural exchange or project.

Sister City programs are also unique in that they inherently involve the three main sectors in the community: local government, business, and a wide variety of citizen volunteers.

ABOUT SISTER CITIES OF DELRAY BEACH – Sister Cities of Delray Beach was created by the city commission in April, 1977 for the purpose of establishing a Sister City affiliation with Miyazu, Japan.

In 1999, Sister Cities of Delray Beach added a partnership link with Moshi, Tanzania, East Africa. Subsequently, Sister Cities of Delray Beach has also added sister city relationships with Pesaro, Italy and Aquin, Haiti.


Promote greater respect, understanding and cooperation through cultural and educational exchanges and programs for children and adults: encourage individual and community knowledge and commitment to international peace and good will.